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My name is Stu. 

I'm a professional freelance photographer.  More importantly, I'm one of the legions of players that have discovered and fallen in love with Disc golf in recent years.

the sport is at a unique place in it's history. Disc golf is adding players, by many accounts, at a rate of 10-20% a year, and it deserves to.

IN THE SUMMER OF 2013, I learned that the PDGA world championships were coming to Portland.

I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to celebrate disc golf with like-minded players. I wanted to meet the best players in the world.

I attended 2014 worlds and started taking pictures.

I started posting photos and asking people to check them out, one by one, because I was so excited to share them, and the sport of disc golf, with anyone I could.

I started getting re-tweeted, re-grammed, and shared on Facebook. By the end of that first tournament, I had added 2,000 Facebook followers. I was featured on All things disc golf, The disc golf guy, and more.

When my disc golf heroes started following me on Twitter and Instagram, I couldn’t have been more prouD.

I put together a trip to USDGC in the fall, and had a similarly successful and inspiring experience.

I shot casual rounds and small local tournaments, and fell in love with disc golf culture nationwide.

I desperately wanted to find a way to continue to showcase disc golf culture from my perspective as a fan of the sport and it's players, at every level, worldwide. I wanted to start a disc golf photo journal.




is the result.


TFR001 features:

The spirit of the game

2014 pdga world championships

2014 United states disc golf championship


PLease share, order, and enjoy.

dreams come true.